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Feb 27, 2010

And he wins the bronze!!!!!

Congratulations Callahan!!!

Callahan entered the first race of his life. It was held on the "Flying Dutchman" which is a blue (intermediate) run with a vertical distance of 3100 feet. The Nastar race is  350 meters in length and the skier has to navigate  through a series of  flags. Callahan's time earned him a Bronze medal.

I was standing at the top of the run and it just drops off. So not my sport.
It is so wonderful that Callahan has found a sport that he is passinate about and he
 wore his medal with such pride.
Callahan started skiing just 2 years ago and this is his first time skiing in colorado which is an entire new ballgame compared to the hills he is used to in Wisconsin. The tip of the mountain is 12,000 ft above sea level.

Feb 26, 2010

A day with my son

Today I had a Mommy Karrick day. We really had a great time! After dropping the big boys off to ski, we putzed around  the little shops in the village. Karrick is a riot and speaks his mind to any and everyone he meets...people really get a kick out of him.We stopped at a little coffee shop we love that has board games. I honestly got my butt kicked by a 5 year old...a future surgeon?
We played in a old town jail playhouse

and hit the pool for some pool football...the kid cheats

Holding his pruned hands to say "enough pictures woman"

Only in the mountains can you walk around in your suit with a foot of snow on the ground

I loved the time I was able to spend with Karrick He really is a very unique child

Feb 25, 2010

On top of the world

Tj, Karrick and myself finally made it to Denver around midnight after a 2 hr delay. Tim drove down from Keystone to pick us up and we all headed up the mountain and finally arrived at the condo around 2:30 am.
Wednesday we all did our own thing and met up at 5 pm to go tubing
Tim and Cal skied all day, while me, TJ and karrick got used to the altitude at the outdoor mall. It was 35 degrees, but the sun was so hot it felt like spring. I found Karrick some boots finally. They are completely sold out in lombard and the surrounding suburbs
All malls should be this gorgeous

This is all of us taking the gondola all the way up the mountain to the tubing area. I am looking down in this picture
At the top
A totally cool snow fort up at the top
The ice princess sitting on her throne

Not at all what I had in mind...it was huge and you flew up and down hills. So fast and scary, but loads of fun. Note to self: Never trust a snowboarder working at the ski resort...the lane they directed me to was NOT the slowest lane and when they promise not to spin you...don't believe them. I spiraled down the shoot at 60 miles per hour and my screams were heard all the way to Vail

Check out the sky...just incredible
After tubing we went out for a nice dinner, then headed home to warm up in the hot tub

Feb 21, 2010

Again, he is only 5

click to enlarge

I grabbed yesterday's mail and opened in the parking lot at the mall today. I thought I was opening TJ's midterm grades. Imagine my surprise when I found this letter. I had to fill out one of these for Callahan and Karrick. Callahan's teacher was wonderful and gave him all the work that would be missed. I received a lovely email wishing Cal a wonderful trip. I changed TJ', Karrick and my travel plans so TJ would not miss 6 full school days, plus 6 days of volleyball. Instead he and Karrick would only miss 3 school days. Friday is an Institute Day. I emailed all TJ's teachers with all the info and requesting all TJ's work...again very positive response. Never in a million years did I think Karrick would be the concern. I spoke to his teacher at least 3 times regarding all travel plans.
I had to read this over 3 times to understand it. He is 5 years old...5. He goes to Kindergarten all day, which is nuts (I was pro until karrick started)) Too long of a day. Really?! It's going to impact is academic standing? Are you kidding. How about the list at the bottom: I get a copy, Karrick file? Really?! My 5 year old has a file? and the  principals copy for her file on my child (future failures of America)
I'm stunned. When he doesn't get a perfect ACT score , will it come back to the 3 days missed in Kindergarten? Is he destined to go to community college? The pressure every kid is under to be the best is out of control. I love our school...top notch, I love Karrick's teacher...could explain some of the hurt. Let these kids be kids...3 days off at age 5, 10 15, 20 will not set them up for future failure. Let them run on the playground, yes they may fall and possibly skin their knee...may even bleed. Let them have sweets on their birthday and class parties. Let them pick up the snow and hug their classmates

Maybe they're concerned because I misspelled skiing...
I said my peace, now I need to go into the school without any anger and question these freakin lunatics

Feb 20, 2010

I need some feedback

I had a totally free day today. Karrick had an 8:15am game...that's it
Tim and Callahan are in Keystone Colorado skiing and we will join them Tuesday. I played with Photoshop and to do anything requires a bazillion steps. In the photo above I enhanced Karrick's eyes. While they look cute, not a giant difference, but it took 35 steps...yes 35 steps...I have the Simplified tips and Tricks book. Simplified....really? Can someone tell me what program they use or am I just a wimp and all programs are this intense 

The flowers on my table

This picture: 23 steps to "Add A Catch Light" in the eye, then 17 steps to "Add Depth"
Please, I need some feedback

TJ or Karrick?

Feb 18, 2010

I'm not dying...I think or is it "I don't think"?

I've been complaining for weeks about how tired I have been. I mean like Mono tired, dying of some unknown disease tired.  Anyone that knows me knows I am usually a bundle of energy and can go non-stop. I thought maybe I was just too busy. Last month I was spotting at the 2 week mark...No, I'm not pregnant. I get my period as usual 2 weeks after that. Life goes on with me in a coma. Tuesday of this week I get my period again at the 2 week mark...this time heavy which is uncharacteristic for me early or on time. I begin to think and it hits me...for the last couple of months I have been waking up in the morning soaking wet, my shirt that is. OMG! I think "is it starting?" I Google night sweats, fatigue and breakthrough bleeding MENOPAUSE pops up. I'm not dying, I'm closer to dying because I'm OLD. I talk to some friends that are a few years ahead of me and they tell me "it can go on for years" "just wait til the hot flashes start" Great! just freakin great.! Does Mother Nature know I have a 5 year old. I started taking vitamins and have some energy back. I guess I need to make a doctor appt to confirm I'm not dying....yet

Speaking of 5 year olds, I bring Karrick to school this morning and as I'm getting him out of the van I pick him up and give him a giant hug and kiss. The bells rings at that precise time. Karrick wiggles out of my arms and in the snottiest teenager tone goes "Oh, thats just great...now you  just wasted all my time" Because apparently the 30 seconds I wasted loving my sweet and adorable 5 year old child of Satan, could of been better spent.
Flash forward to dinner.
K: "I am getting hungry"
Me" "Great, because your dinner is almost ready"
K: "I'm only hungry for a snack"
Me: "No, you'll eat your dinner, then have a snack"
Bing Bang Boom!
the horns, the fangs and the fire pop out of the kids head
"You can not tell me what to eat, you can not tell people when they are hungry or what they are hungry for" 
Me: "you want to bet?"

Moving on...

there's my TJ, second from left in back, my sweet sweet teenager that is always at volleyball or just home from Volleyball and way to tired to mouth me. I get a sweet hello and he heads to his room. A mothers dream
Tim and Callahan leave tonight at 4:00am to head to Keystone Colorado. Dad and son alone in the beautiful mountains for 5 days. Then we join them for 6 more. I got home tonight and Cal goes "I got my clothes together"  I go to his room and his clothes for 11 days up in the snow capped mountains are folded ever so sweetly on his bed. I have no doubt that these 2 pieces of clothing are he needs. You have to figure he will wear jeans and a shirt on the plane...He's set

Here's my poor poor foot. We were having our house appraised so I was cleaning and instead of moving the giant 3 foot ottoman, I picked it up on its side and it fell straight back down on my foot. I have 0 % fat on my feet, in fact I have almost no skin on my feet. There was nothing to cushion the solid block of wood that slammed into my foot.
 My feet are forever cold in the winter, i can be in the car with my -32 snow boots and my feet are frozen...my whole life, my feet have been cold. Because I have no skin and by the time my blood leaves my heart and travels all the way down my legs(very long legs) the blood is cold and I have no insulation on my feet. Just sharing...

Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a very laid back, but wonderful Valentine's Day in the McGinty house.

It started on Valentine's eve with a special basket made by cupid especially  for my Valentine left on his side of the bed  

Valentine's morning started with a simple yet yummy breakfast.

Later Tim and I went out for some surf and Turf. For dessert we headed to our local Border's in Oak Brook  for some Latte's, one of our most relaxing things to do. We loaded up on books for our upcoming trip to the mountains. I got a wonderful photography book

TJ had a basketball game during the day and had a little accident.
 Seems my little man had a tough time concentrating on the game, due to a minor , but cute distraction in the stands :O
While rebounding  he came down on his ankle with a crunch. He had to be helped out. At home we set him up in his room, wrapped the ankle, iced it and gave an anti-inflammatory. We are hoping it is a minor sprain, we are not allowing him to walk on it (Prince)

I officially received my "welcome to the club, and I'll pray for you" with an added "just be thankful you don't have girls" from my fellow team parents with older teenagers

And so it begins...

Feb 13, 2010

Karrick's Luau

This is how I felt watching Karrick's 8:15 am game this morning. I swear I was just there 12 hours before, oh!, that's right I was for the sock hop. I got to my 10:30 massage and was informed that it was scheduled for 10am....of course it was, so I had to settle for a 1/2 hour massage.
Callahan's game didn't go so well either...Why? you ask. Tim brought him to his 1:30 game (I had to nap) just to find out it was at 11:30....of course it was

Karrick had a Luau to go to for Sophia..
Yes, Sophia of  Gia, Sophia...
I love that Karrick is invited to all the girl parties because I get to pick out the gifts.. girly stuff

He had a ball and will wear his jersey until Monday night. Yes, he will be bathed and put it right back on

Feb 12, 2010


Tonight was our annual Sock Hop at school. Karrick has attended this event for the last 3 years, but this was the first year it is truly his sock hop. Many of his kindergarten friends were there and he could not have more proud. They ran around the entire time...Me, I sat on the steps (multi-level gym) and could barely carry on a conversation. Our lives has become insane, I am booked solid from sun-up to sun-down and everything over-laps. I picked up 6 newspapers off my driveway today. didn't read any.
Tim's mom has been in the hospital after a fall resulted in a broken hip, he went to visit then spend time with his dad.

I was off my photography game tonight so multiple pictures of Karrick it is. He is about the cutest 5 year old out there.

Tomorrow is a simpler day: Karrick has an 8:15 am basketball game, then I have a 10:30 massage (2nd one this week), Callahan has a 1:30 basketball game, TJ needs to be dropped at the mall at 2:30 , then Karrick has a birthday party form 3-5. Hopefully after that I can meet up with my husband, we just pass each other as we come and go

Congratulations to GWMS
8th grade volleyball team. They won their 1st game.(best of 3) We won the first 2 and used the 3rd to play our 2nd and 3rd string. I don't even know who won that, because I raced off to meet Tim to refinance. Why don't I have pictures you ask? because it was TJ's first volleyball game ever and his girlfriend (that I haven't officially met) came to watch, so I sat quietly (kinda) and just watched the game...did not want to embarrass TJ. I deserve mom of the year award for that. I had no idea how exciting volleyball could be. I also had no idea there were so many rules. Thank God my girlfriend Missy has 3 in Volleyball. All the way up to college. She gave me a play by play.

Feb 11, 2010

My little man

Today is TJ's first volleyball home game. The team members are required to dress up for school on home game days. Dress shoes, dress pants and a button down shirt. I saw pride in TJ's eyes this morning, he is representing the GWMS Wildcats! The days they have away games they are required to wear sweat pants and their jerseys.

See the hand? That hand is telling me "Really mom!? You're creepy." He was not about to give me a shot.

My soon to be 13 1/2 year old is now a whopping 5' 9" tall. In addition to the volleyball fee, I had to shell out an addition $150 because the kid won't stop growing. I did buy the shoes a 1/2 size bigger because they need to last 1 more month when he makes his Confirmation.TJ has really stepped up to the plate with early am practices (6:30 am -8am) and after school practices 3-6 pm.TJ has always been in his glory when part of a competitive team.

TJ is such a nice, good kid and damn he is  freakin cute. I know I'm his mother and he is my first born son, butI hear the majority of the female 8 th grade class is in agreement

Feb 10, 2010

100 th of Kindergarten

Today was the 100th day of school for Karrick's Kindergarten class. Each kid made a 100 day project. Karrick chose to glue 100 cups to very thick poster board. He put the cups in groups of 10 then labeled each group of 10 with a sticker e.g. reptiles, bugs, emergency vehicles, helicopters, aquatic animals etc.

Lots of snow today...I know everyone is tired of it, so am I. I was getting into my car after helping Karrick into his classroom with his giant 100 day project when I noticed how incredibly beautiful the land in front of Karricks school looked. The sun is breaking through the clouds on the far baseball field

It's Spring in my kitchen

Patrick loves to play in the snow...he becomes a puppy again

Feb 8, 2010


Callahan and Karrick finally got a much needed haircut, I can see their beautiful faces now