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Feb 6, 2010

Karrick's big day

Today was Karrick's very first basketball game, actually it was his first game in any competitive sport. He was so excited to play and have "the brothers" there to watch. "The brothers" were happy the game was at 
9:30 am and not the usual 8:15 am.  What I thought was cute was karrick is wearing a green wrist band and so is his opponent. Each kid had to stay with his color match from the other team. They always knew who to guard.

After basketball we had his buddy, Jacob's 6th birthday party. Jacob and Karrick went to Kindercare together when they were 2,3, and 4 and still remain friends. Jacob lives in Oswego, so we don't see him often, but when they get together is is as though no time has passed between them.
The party started out at Broosters for lunch, cake and lots of running.
From there we all headed to Enchanted Castle for fun and games
Karrick and Jabob's dad teamed up

The worlds largest climbing, sliding and jumping play area

"The best day ever!"  says Karrick as we head to the car

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