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Feb 7, 2010

Super Bowl

We hung out in our home theater, aka: "The man cave" to watch the Super Bowl on the giant screen. I usually only go down there with the vacumn or to collect socks. I made home made chicken chili, steak, potatoes and raw green pepper. We also had every crunchy snack ever made. We were in 2 pools. 1 from work in which Tim and I both won separately and 1 from our baseball friends, I won't know if we won until tomorrow because there we all kinds of crazy +1,2,3, 4; -1 's etc (no idea what it meant). The boys were thrilled to have their own squares in each pool..teaching them to gamble early

Guess who's house is the meeting place for XBOX and PS3? Blowing things up doesn't get better than a
 89 inch screen

Karrick put on his own half time show and jammed right along with Pete. I loved the WHO in college and can't believe it has been 28 years ago that we would all gather in my friend Whalo's dorm room and blare "Face Dances"

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