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Feb 21, 2010

Again, he is only 5

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I grabbed yesterday's mail and opened in the parking lot at the mall today. I thought I was opening TJ's midterm grades. Imagine my surprise when I found this letter. I had to fill out one of these for Callahan and Karrick. Callahan's teacher was wonderful and gave him all the work that would be missed. I received a lovely email wishing Cal a wonderful trip. I changed TJ', Karrick and my travel plans so TJ would not miss 6 full school days, plus 6 days of volleyball. Instead he and Karrick would only miss 3 school days. Friday is an Institute Day. I emailed all TJ's teachers with all the info and requesting all TJ's work...again very positive response. Never in a million years did I think Karrick would be the concern. I spoke to his teacher at least 3 times regarding all travel plans.
I had to read this over 3 times to understand it. He is 5 years old...5. He goes to Kindergarten all day, which is nuts (I was pro until karrick started)) Too long of a day. Really?! It's going to impact is academic standing? Are you kidding. How about the list at the bottom: I get a copy, Karrick file? Really?! My 5 year old has a file? and the  principals copy for her file on my child (future failures of America)
I'm stunned. When he doesn't get a perfect ACT score , will it come back to the 3 days missed in Kindergarten? Is he destined to go to community college? The pressure every kid is under to be the best is out of control. I love our school...top notch, I love Karrick's teacher...could explain some of the hurt. Let these kids be kids...3 days off at age 5, 10 15, 20 will not set them up for future failure. Let them run on the playground, yes they may fall and possibly skin their knee...may even bleed. Let them have sweets on their birthday and class parties. Let them pick up the snow and hug their classmates

Maybe they're concerned because I misspelled skiing...
I said my peace, now I need to go into the school without any anger and question these freakin lunatics

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