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Feb 18, 2010

I'm not dying...I think or is it "I don't think"?

I've been complaining for weeks about how tired I have been. I mean like Mono tired, dying of some unknown disease tired.  Anyone that knows me knows I am usually a bundle of energy and can go non-stop. I thought maybe I was just too busy. Last month I was spotting at the 2 week mark...No, I'm not pregnant. I get my period as usual 2 weeks after that. Life goes on with me in a coma. Tuesday of this week I get my period again at the 2 week mark...this time heavy which is uncharacteristic for me early or on time. I begin to think and it hits me...for the last couple of months I have been waking up in the morning soaking wet, my shirt that is. OMG! I think "is it starting?" I Google night sweats, fatigue and breakthrough bleeding MENOPAUSE pops up. I'm not dying, I'm closer to dying because I'm OLD. I talk to some friends that are a few years ahead of me and they tell me "it can go on for years" "just wait til the hot flashes start" Great! just freakin great.! Does Mother Nature know I have a 5 year old. I started taking vitamins and have some energy back. I guess I need to make a doctor appt to confirm I'm not dying....yet

Speaking of 5 year olds, I bring Karrick to school this morning and as I'm getting him out of the van I pick him up and give him a giant hug and kiss. The bells rings at that precise time. Karrick wiggles out of my arms and in the snottiest teenager tone goes "Oh, thats just great...now you  just wasted all my time" Because apparently the 30 seconds I wasted loving my sweet and adorable 5 year old child of Satan, could of been better spent.
Flash forward to dinner.
K: "I am getting hungry"
Me" "Great, because your dinner is almost ready"
K: "I'm only hungry for a snack"
Me: "No, you'll eat your dinner, then have a snack"
Bing Bang Boom!
the horns, the fangs and the fire pop out of the kids head
"You can not tell me what to eat, you can not tell people when they are hungry or what they are hungry for" 
Me: "you want to bet?"

Moving on...

there's my TJ, second from left in back, my sweet sweet teenager that is always at volleyball or just home from Volleyball and way to tired to mouth me. I get a sweet hello and he heads to his room. A mothers dream
Tim and Callahan leave tonight at 4:00am to head to Keystone Colorado. Dad and son alone in the beautiful mountains for 5 days. Then we join them for 6 more. I got home tonight and Cal goes "I got my clothes together"  I go to his room and his clothes for 11 days up in the snow capped mountains are folded ever so sweetly on his bed. I have no doubt that these 2 pieces of clothing are he needs. You have to figure he will wear jeans and a shirt on the plane...He's set

Here's my poor poor foot. We were having our house appraised so I was cleaning and instead of moving the giant 3 foot ottoman, I picked it up on its side and it fell straight back down on my foot. I have 0 % fat on my feet, in fact I have almost no skin on my feet. There was nothing to cushion the solid block of wood that slammed into my foot.
 My feet are forever cold in the winter, i can be in the car with my -32 snow boots and my feet are frozen...my whole life, my feet have been cold. Because I have no skin and by the time my blood leaves my heart and travels all the way down my legs(very long legs) the blood is cold and I have no insulation on my feet. Just sharing...

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