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Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a very laid back, but wonderful Valentine's Day in the McGinty house.

It started on Valentine's eve with a special basket made by cupid especially  for my Valentine left on his side of the bed  

Valentine's morning started with a simple yet yummy breakfast.

Later Tim and I went out for some surf and Turf. For dessert we headed to our local Border's in Oak Brook  for some Latte's, one of our most relaxing things to do. We loaded up on books for our upcoming trip to the mountains. I got a wonderful photography book

TJ had a basketball game during the day and had a little accident.
 Seems my little man had a tough time concentrating on the game, due to a minor , but cute distraction in the stands :O
While rebounding  he came down on his ankle with a crunch. He had to be helped out. At home we set him up in his room, wrapped the ankle, iced it and gave an anti-inflammatory. We are hoping it is a minor sprain, we are not allowing him to walk on it (Prince)

I officially received my "welcome to the club, and I'll pray for you" with an added "just be thankful you don't have girls" from my fellow team parents with older teenagers

And so it begins...

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