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Feb 13, 2010

Karrick's Luau

This is how I felt watching Karrick's 8:15 am game this morning. I swear I was just there 12 hours before, oh!, that's right I was for the sock hop. I got to my 10:30 massage and was informed that it was scheduled for 10am....of course it was, so I had to settle for a 1/2 hour massage.
Callahan's game didn't go so well either...Why? you ask. Tim brought him to his 1:30 game (I had to nap) just to find out it was at 11:30....of course it was

Karrick had a Luau to go to for Sophia..
Yes, Sophia of  Gia, Sophia...
I love that Karrick is invited to all the girl parties because I get to pick out the gifts.. girly stuff

He had a ball and will wear his jersey until Monday night. Yes, he will be bathed and put it right back on

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