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Feb 12, 2010


Tonight was our annual Sock Hop at school. Karrick has attended this event for the last 3 years, but this was the first year it is truly his sock hop. Many of his kindergarten friends were there and he could not have more proud. They ran around the entire time...Me, I sat on the steps (multi-level gym) and could barely carry on a conversation. Our lives has become insane, I am booked solid from sun-up to sun-down and everything over-laps. I picked up 6 newspapers off my driveway today. didn't read any.
Tim's mom has been in the hospital after a fall resulted in a broken hip, he went to visit then spend time with his dad.

I was off my photography game tonight so multiple pictures of Karrick it is. He is about the cutest 5 year old out there.

Tomorrow is a simpler day: Karrick has an 8:15 am basketball game, then I have a 10:30 massage (2nd one this week), Callahan has a 1:30 basketball game, TJ needs to be dropped at the mall at 2:30 , then Karrick has a birthday party form 3-5. Hopefully after that I can meet up with my husband, we just pass each other as we come and go

Congratulations to GWMS
8th grade volleyball team. They won their 1st game.(best of 3) We won the first 2 and used the 3rd to play our 2nd and 3rd string. I don't even know who won that, because I raced off to meet Tim to refinance. Why don't I have pictures you ask? because it was TJ's first volleyball game ever and his girlfriend (that I haven't officially met) came to watch, so I sat quietly (kinda) and just watched the game...did not want to embarrass TJ. I deserve mom of the year award for that. I had no idea how exciting volleyball could be. I also had no idea there were so many rules. Thank God my girlfriend Missy has 3 in Volleyball. All the way up to college. She gave me a play by play.

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