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Feb 2, 2010

Wii personal trainer

I can't seem to find free time to get to the health club these days. I bought the Wii personal trainer and gave it a try this afternoon. I really enjoyed it. I think some ankle and hand weights might add to it. See that little black dress? That is my inspiration. Our 14th Anniversary is in 1 month and I plan on wearing it. Tim is taking me somewhere for the entire weekend... a surprise location. I am also doing the low-carb diet. I can't make myself do the Atkins...too much meat..blah

Karrick has this fascination with running. He will run the perimeter of his playground after school everyday and runs down aisles in stores...Yes, I let my kid run in stores. No Jewel or Walmart for obvious reasons. All he wanted to do was run track on wii....maybe that will be his sport

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