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Jun 27, 2010

All star Game

No, TJ is not standing on a box, he is just a giant

Yesterday, we were finally able to get in the All-Star game previously rained out. TJ represented the White Sox on the American team. It sure was a lot of fun because TJ got to play with all of his friends, some on the opposing team. Holy Cow, was it was hot and humid...I was sweatin like a whore in church!! The American team won 13-5 and TJ's bats were on fire...smackin those pups to the outfield.
This year the boys moved up to larger fields...from 220ft at Center field to 300 and 350 ft at center field. We also had to switch to wooden bats that are heavier, so you don't hit the ball as far. Last year TJ hit 11 homeruns...this year no one hit a homerun
White Sox All-Stars
I have to claim the big goofy kid as mine

Check out below video of one of TJ's big hits. We played at the 300 ft field using a wooden bat. Also check out how fast TJ runs...he's on 2 nd before they even get the ball
(it's a big deal)
I'll apologize now for my loud voice

Jun 25, 2010

storm pictures a week late

So, last Friday after work Karrick and I head over to the Lombard pool. The sun was shinning and it was HOT! An hour into our swim the pool manager gets on the loud speaker and says "A severe storm is heading our way with 85 mph winds. If you are here when it hits you will have to go and stay in the locker rooms until it passes. My cue to leave.(stuck in the hot locker room with a bunch of wet bodies...NO WAY) Karrick and I run to Target on our way home(we are going to Wis after TJ's All-star game that night) 15 min into our shopping the lights go out. Do you know how dark it gets in Target w/o power? Pitch freakin dark.I grope for Karrick and then the generators kick in. We are herded in the back to a cement hallway to wait out the gusting winds and rain. TJ is home alone, I call...thank god for cell phones and tell him to get to the basement. Cal is at his buddies house, I call there and tell him to stay put (they didn't lose power)
Twenty min later we are free to leave. We get home and no power, All-star game is cancelled so we leave for Wisconsin. I follow Tim as we need 2 cars because TJ has Sunday games. All the street lights were out on North Ave, so we can't get on the highway due to back up traffic. After taking side streets a 1/2 hr later  we get on 355 in Addison. An hour or so later we stop at an oasis for food and the mother of all storms hit. We are trapped in a glass block above the expressway, but have a fabulous view of the lightening. When the storm calms a little we head out. OMG!!!! I tried to follow Tim through another storm, but my wipers suck. My defrost isn't clearing the window and my lights aren't bright enough to see the road. I seriously thought at any moment I was going to leave the road and end up in a ditch. It was a horrifying ride and my nerves were shot. Our 2 hr trip turned into a 4 hour trip, but we got there and had a wonderful weekend of family fun in the sun.

this picture was taken during Wednesday's storm. The tornado alarms were blarring
 but we were all at home together in the basement.

TJ and I left Wis. Sunday around 1 o'clock. When we returned home the power was still out. We both showered and headed to his 5:30 game at 4:30. After our big win, TJ and I went out for dinner. Not looking forward to a night w/o power we headed home.

Happiness is:  rounding your street corner to find your porch light on!!!

Our poor neighbors across the street would be w/o power for another 24 hrs. So actually the power outage didn't effect us too much...except for the loss of food

Got to love a rainbow

The sky was so creepy that the tree tops were a different color

Monday I took Cal and Karrick for haircuts...it was Hot hot and Karrick was not happy
"I just want to go home and play lego's"
such a sad face, but still pretty darn cute
"Stop taking my picture!!!"
"I mean it! I'm getting mad at you"
not sure what he is thinking here, whatever it is, It's not pleasant
a stop at Diary Queen always puts a smile on one's face
Getting there...don't smile, your face will crack
Life sure is good...please take my picture sweet pretty mommy

Jun 23, 2010

New Comp Cards for Callahan

Callahan was signed with Lily's talent 2 weeks ago. After 8 years we decided it was time to part ways with Ford Models. We look forward to our new adventure. This morning callahan shot with Sandy (the owner) of
Zoe McKenzie Photography.  for new head shots. Callahan looks absolutley adorable and the colors are spectacular...The camera has always loved Cal as he moves with ease and confidence during every shoot. This little boy has booked close to 100 jobs since debuting at age 2 in the JCPenny Christmas Catalog.

Jun 21, 2010

A fabulous get a way and a whole bunch of other stuff

With the power out and all baseball games cancelled we headed up to Whitewater on Friday. The sun was shinning, the temperature scorching and we have a new boat. A sweet boat at that. Karrick tried tubing for the first time and he is now hooked .

My computer is acting funny so I will finish later

Jun 14, 2010

A little boys big hit

TJ has been helping Karrick with his baseball skills. They go in the backyard at 4pm and practice wiffle ball. It is really cute to see TJ showing his little brother the proper way to hold and swing the bat. He is also teaching Karrick to pitch. Check out the face of determination on Karrick above. Below is a short video of Karricks progress
why is my grass so long you ask? Because I broke my yearly lawn mower...early, this year

Jun 13, 2010

Congratulations TJ

TJ was chosen to represent the White Sox in the All-Star game
Hard work does pay off
Congratulations !!!!!!

Jun 12, 2010

playing up

Tonight TJ played up with the 15-17 year old White Sox. Most of these boys are high school players. Their season just started because in high school you are not allowed to touch a baseball field until the school baseball season is over. This is actually TJ's third time being called up, but due to being on 2 other teams we run into time conflicts. TJ loved it and was the same size as the big kids on the team. My 13 yo also was better than the majority of the players. TJ played 1st base the entire game...call ups are not allowed to pitch. I took this picture from the third base bleachers using my zoom lens through the chain linked fence, It turned out pretty cool especially with the netted batting cage in the background.

On a sad note, Karrick was suppose to play in the All-star game today. I thought it was a 4 pm game... it was a 1:00pm game ...WHOOPS. Thankfully he was not upset

Jun 9, 2010

Jun 6, 2010

The Taste of Wheaton (that had no food)

Today we headed to the taste of Wheaton...I'm not sure why it's called the taste of Wheaton as there was only a corn on the cob stand and multiple carnival food trailers. Non the less it was a heck of a lot-o-fun!
We went on multiple rides and the sun was shinning. Karrick, below loved the flying swings and went on at least 4 times. I went on the swings, then got all cocky and went on the sizzler. You know that ride that spins in circles while thrashing you forward and back as though you are going to take out everything in your path.
I was dizzy when I got off and POW (no, I didn't vomit) , but my lower back revolted in twisted muscle spasms...felt like kidney stones. Needless to say I was done riding the rides

There is Karrick in the center, arms extended

In the blink of an eye, the clouds turned angry, the rain came down in buckets and the wind howled. We all took cover under a building over-hang

I had to anchor Karrick to the ground so he wouldn't blow away. Just kidding...he is just so dang tiny, all of 40lbs
Within 20 mins the clouds rolled out as fast as they came in, the sun came out and we continued our fun. Karrick is looking up thinking "WTF, they are upside down. Thank God, I'm not tall enough...dodged that bullet"

Tim and Cal are labled above

After we finished at the taste of Wheaton (that had no food) we crossed the street and had dinner at The Bank. It was built in 1875...the food was great and I loved the decor. After dinner Tim and Karrick decided to take the train back to Lombard which is 2 stops away. The fest was on the metra street. I picked them up
at the Lombard stop

In case you are wondering why there are no pictures of TJ, it is because he is a teenager and now has his own life..sniff sniff

Jun 3, 2010

Karrick's common sense

A well earned game ball

a video of coach Moe's speech to Karrick

if you couldn't make out what Coach Moe was saying...
He was saying the game ball went to someone that taught him something. He said as a kid got the ball and was running to the base, Karrick looked up at him and said "why is he running when it is much faster to throw the ball" It shows that the little peanut on the team can teach the bigger kids something. Karrick also told the coach "hey, we have bases loaded" when we had bases loaded. Shows my little guy is paying attention to the game.
Karrick was so freakin excited to receive the game ball

Today was also Karrick's first time playing catcher...now lets remember that he just turned 6 and is not at the age appropiate level. He is in AA "machine pitch" where the balls actually fly at him. He didn't flinch or shy away. Now he didn't catch them all, but he stopped 90% of them with his padded body

Jun 2, 2010

Class of 2010

My Beautiful baby boy graduated from the 8th grade today. He is officially an incoming Freshman at Glenbard East high School, he woke up a Wildcat and went to bed a Ram. It has been an emotional week for me, last night he attended his first dance and had a blast. Today during the ceremony a girl got up to read a story she had written. It started out "Just yesterday, you put on a backpack and enter Kindergarten...' OMG, I lost it! As tears poured out of my eyes and down my cheeks, all I could picture was this little blond 5 year marching into Lincoln Elementry in Oak Park. Now I see this young man walking across the stage starting a whole new chapter in his life. TJ has always been a sweet, funny and intelligent child. He now enters HS that same sweet, funny and intelligent young man.

You are one precious gift and your whole life is ahead of you...
always walk with your head up high little man

Congratulations TJ!