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Jun 27, 2010

All star Game

No, TJ is not standing on a box, he is just a giant

Yesterday, we were finally able to get in the All-Star game previously rained out. TJ represented the White Sox on the American team. It sure was a lot of fun because TJ got to play with all of his friends, some on the opposing team. Holy Cow, was it was hot and humid...I was sweatin like a whore in church!! The American team won 13-5 and TJ's bats were on fire...smackin those pups to the outfield.
This year the boys moved up to larger fields...from 220ft at Center field to 300 and 350 ft at center field. We also had to switch to wooden bats that are heavier, so you don't hit the ball as far. Last year TJ hit 11 homeruns...this year no one hit a homerun
White Sox All-Stars
I have to claim the big goofy kid as mine

Check out below video of one of TJ's big hits. We played at the 300 ft field using a wooden bat. Also check out how fast TJ runs...he's on 2 nd before they even get the ball
(it's a big deal)
I'll apologize now for my loud voice

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Quite a hit!!