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Jun 3, 2010

Karrick's common sense

A well earned game ball

a video of coach Moe's speech to Karrick

if you couldn't make out what Coach Moe was saying...
He was saying the game ball went to someone that taught him something. He said as a kid got the ball and was running to the base, Karrick looked up at him and said "why is he running when it is much faster to throw the ball" It shows that the little peanut on the team can teach the bigger kids something. Karrick also told the coach "hey, we have bases loaded" when we had bases loaded. Shows my little guy is paying attention to the game.
Karrick was so freakin excited to receive the game ball

Today was also Karrick's first time playing catcher...now lets remember that he just turned 6 and is not at the age appropiate level. He is in AA "machine pitch" where the balls actually fly at him. He didn't flinch or shy away. Now he didn't catch them all, but he stopped 90% of them with his padded body

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