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Jun 12, 2010

playing up

Tonight TJ played up with the 15-17 year old White Sox. Most of these boys are high school players. Their season just started because in high school you are not allowed to touch a baseball field until the school baseball season is over. This is actually TJ's third time being called up, but due to being on 2 other teams we run into time conflicts. TJ loved it and was the same size as the big kids on the team. My 13 yo also was better than the majority of the players. TJ played 1st base the entire game...call ups are not allowed to pitch. I took this picture from the third base bleachers using my zoom lens through the chain linked fence, It turned out pretty cool especially with the netted batting cage in the background.

On a sad note, Karrick was suppose to play in the All-star game today. I thought it was a 4 pm game... it was a 1:00pm game ...WHOOPS. Thankfully he was not upset

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