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Jun 6, 2010

The Taste of Wheaton (that had no food)

Today we headed to the taste of Wheaton...I'm not sure why it's called the taste of Wheaton as there was only a corn on the cob stand and multiple carnival food trailers. Non the less it was a heck of a lot-o-fun!
We went on multiple rides and the sun was shinning. Karrick, below loved the flying swings and went on at least 4 times. I went on the swings, then got all cocky and went on the sizzler. You know that ride that spins in circles while thrashing you forward and back as though you are going to take out everything in your path.
I was dizzy when I got off and POW (no, I didn't vomit) , but my lower back revolted in twisted muscle spasms...felt like kidney stones. Needless to say I was done riding the rides

There is Karrick in the center, arms extended

In the blink of an eye, the clouds turned angry, the rain came down in buckets and the wind howled. We all took cover under a building over-hang

I had to anchor Karrick to the ground so he wouldn't blow away. Just kidding...he is just so dang tiny, all of 40lbs
Within 20 mins the clouds rolled out as fast as they came in, the sun came out and we continued our fun. Karrick is looking up thinking "WTF, they are upside down. Thank God, I'm not tall enough...dodged that bullet"

Tim and Cal are labled above

After we finished at the taste of Wheaton (that had no food) we crossed the street and had dinner at The Bank. It was built in 1875...the food was great and I loved the decor. After dinner Tim and Karrick decided to take the train back to Lombard which is 2 stops away. The fest was on the metra street. I picked them up
at the Lombard stop

In case you are wondering why there are no pictures of TJ, it is because he is a teenager and now has his own life..sniff sniff

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