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Jun 2, 2010

Class of 2010

My Beautiful baby boy graduated from the 8th grade today. He is officially an incoming Freshman at Glenbard East high School, he woke up a Wildcat and went to bed a Ram. It has been an emotional week for me, last night he attended his first dance and had a blast. Today during the ceremony a girl got up to read a story she had written. It started out "Just yesterday, you put on a backpack and enter Kindergarten...' OMG, I lost it! As tears poured out of my eyes and down my cheeks, all I could picture was this little blond 5 year marching into Lincoln Elementry in Oak Park. Now I see this young man walking across the stage starting a whole new chapter in his life. TJ has always been a sweet, funny and intelligent child. He now enters HS that same sweet, funny and intelligent young man.

You are one precious gift and your whole life is ahead of you...
always walk with your head up high little man

Congratulations TJ!

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Mel said...

Oh my. Sniff.