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Oct 31, 2012

Jack and friends

Finally had time to carve our pumpkins

On a side note, Karrick has been in our bed 4 out of the last 5 nights. If Zombie's are stalking him from under the bed, the pecking on the roof terrifies him.Too much Halloween for him. Friday, the Creatures of the night at Brookfield Zoo was jammed packed full of Zombie's. Also what really got Karrick at the Zoo was the non-stop alarm that blared ..sounded like a tornado siren....freaked the weather conscious kid out.
His room is the 4th floor attic where our giant sycamore tree branches tap the roof in the wind.
He also watched "The Birds" late night with Callahan and Tim. Cal had to watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie for a LA homework assignment.
Thank God we have a King size bed
Tonight should be interesting when it gets dark...boohahaha

Oct 27, 2012

Creatures of the night

Tim and I rounded up all the teenagers + Karrick and headed to Brookfield Zoo's Creature's of the night. I just loved it!. The Zombie tram ride followed a dark path with unsuspecting creepy zombie's just suddenly creep up on you. What made it all the more fun was having teenage girls along....oh the screaming! They were all over Alexis and Katie. Thank God Callahan and TJ were there to save the damsels in distress
All the kids were off of school today. My poor TJ has some nasty flu like bug. He was in bed all day. He popped some Aleve, sucked it up and came along. By the end he he was 1/2 dead

 This guy was hilarious standing at a good 10ft tall. I was video taping him and he kept coming closer and closer...then proceeded to chase my as I ran away screaming. All of it is on video.

There was a really neat light show on the Swamp house where all kinds of Halloween images were displayed 

 Corn mazes....not a fan. I usually don't go in them as I don't like anything that entraps me. I feel like I'm starring in an episode of Criminal Minds. This one was kinda tough. Karrick kept running away from me, All I could think of was him getting lost for hours like we were in some 1000 acre remote farmland. Really!? we were at Brookfield Zoo smack dab in the Western suburbs! These damn things mess with with my mind and make my heart pound...again not a fan

Oct 26, 2012

Monster Bash

 Karrick's old man costume...love that mask

After one of the busiest few weeks of my life all I wanted to do was sleep! I put on my big girl panties so Tim and I could take Karrick to the annual Monster Bash at Pleasant Lane. I had to get shots for the yearbook too. It's really a great party for the kids...in place of a classroom party. Food, raffle's, DJ, dancing, games and just a lot of fun. It's usually held on a Friday, but the kids were off today, so it was held last night.

This little boys costume was awesome...the eye lit up...clearly his dad has some skills

^Tim and I with the old man mask ^

 Karrick picked out my mask...after swimming class we ran to party city so he could get a cape. I picked out a bright red short Vixen wig, but Karrick didn't care for it.
I could barely socialize I was so tired...which is unheard of for me.
I look mad in the picture but I wasn't. As karrick says "I'm just not using any facial muscles"
I am super busy at work, didn't even get my day off this week and had something every single night this week. Not to mention I was busy on the movie set all day Sat and Sun....very low on sleep. I am super excited to sleep in tomorrow!!!!

Oct 22, 2012

Coloring...a star is born

table read above with writer/director Arif

Big week for my little guy Karrick....he shot his 1st movie! Karrick had a principal role in the movie "Coloring" . This little boy just lit up the screen...he completely nailed it! He remember all his lines. We were on set all day Sat and Sun from morning til night. Karrick never once complained about being bored or tired. When it all wrapped up he was bummed that it was over

 the 3 main characters had great chemistry

 The crew loved that Karrick referred to the trailer as his "I'm going to my trailer now" he would say....they all would just crack up

 look at the smile on him as a giant camera is in his face

 my peanut on the screen
 they were all amazed by how eager Karrick was and how well he took direction

 I actually got to be in this lunchroom scene and in the background of an outside scene Between this and dhoom 3 I think I have the start of a resume....just sayin

What a fantastic experience to see all the work that goes into making these movie's....it is soooo much work for these people. Actors spend a lot of time sitting as the crew is constantly moving lights and camera's to shoot the same scene over and over from every angle.

Arif asked Karrick if he would like to do some more movie's and some stage acting. Karrick was thrilled and answered with a giant YES!
Now we wait for editing to be done....I am dying to see it put together....it will be just precious.
We get to attend a cast party and the movie premier 

Oct 10, 2012

Karrick hitting the big screen

 My little guy had an audition yesterday for an independent short film. He read for 2 different roles, when the director asked which role preferred he chose the role of A. 

May I ask why you chose the smaller role?
"Well, you know how the role of T has that panting stuff, I don't want to pant" 
reply's Karrick
"How about instead of panting could you just acted tired?" asks the director
"I really want you to play the role of T and it is a much bigger role"
Karrick's eyes light up and he says " Then I would love to play the role of T!!"
It's Karrick genuine honesty that endears him to everyone he meets.
Karrick found out that they will provide him with all his favorite foods and gameboys during the days of filming. He gets to attend the Premier...he's so excited! and I am too
Karrick told his teacher and she said when he gets his copy of the film she will play it for the class.
We have rehearsal next week, then will be filming all that next weekend
I will miss my cousins wedding and had to reschedule a shoot...but it is time to put on my stage mom
First we have 16 pages of dialog to memorize

Oct 5, 2012


Oct 3, 2012


Yesterday I shot the official photo of Lombard's new fire Chief . While there I took some fun photos

Oct 1, 2012

Arrgh! and Me!

 All I wanted to do was change my header picture and somehow I changed my template. I have yet to get it back to something I like. As soon as I have a small chunk of time I will figure it out. I'm sure no one is losing sleep over it.

I am going to say, that I...yes me, was the talk of the middle school today. Apparently everyone loved some pictures that I took of a certain young lady
hint: Callahan's girlfriend

I keep asking Cal

"who was the talk of the middle school today?"

you were

I can't hear you....
did you say

Me?, me me me me

I have no shame

My personal handyman

brakes for the worlds cutest car- $45
a man that can fix anything - priceless