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Oct 31, 2012

Jack and friends

Finally had time to carve our pumpkins

On a side note, Karrick has been in our bed 4 out of the last 5 nights. If Zombie's are stalking him from under the bed, the pecking on the roof terrifies him.Too much Halloween for him. Friday, the Creatures of the night at Brookfield Zoo was jammed packed full of Zombie's. Also what really got Karrick at the Zoo was the non-stop alarm that blared ..sounded like a tornado siren....freaked the weather conscious kid out.
His room is the 4th floor attic where our giant sycamore tree branches tap the roof in the wind.
He also watched "The Birds" late night with Callahan and Tim. Cal had to watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie for a LA homework assignment.
Thank God we have a King size bed
Tonight should be interesting when it gets dark...boohahaha

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