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Oct 22, 2012

Coloring...a star is born

table read above with writer/director Arif

Big week for my little guy Karrick....he shot his 1st movie! Karrick had a principal role in the movie "Coloring" . This little boy just lit up the screen...he completely nailed it! He remember all his lines. We were on set all day Sat and Sun from morning til night. Karrick never once complained about being bored or tired. When it all wrapped up he was bummed that it was over

 the 3 main characters had great chemistry

 The crew loved that Karrick referred to the trailer as his "I'm going to my trailer now" he would say....they all would just crack up

 look at the smile on him as a giant camera is in his face

 my peanut on the screen
 they were all amazed by how eager Karrick was and how well he took direction

 I actually got to be in this lunchroom scene and in the background of an outside scene Between this and dhoom 3 I think I have the start of a resume....just sayin

What a fantastic experience to see all the work that goes into making these movie's....it is soooo much work for these people. Actors spend a lot of time sitting as the crew is constantly moving lights and camera's to shoot the same scene over and over from every angle.

Arif asked Karrick if he would like to do some more movie's and some stage acting. Karrick was thrilled and answered with a giant YES!
Now we wait for editing to be done....I am dying to see it put together....it will be just precious.
We get to attend a cast party and the movie premier 

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