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Oct 10, 2012

Karrick hitting the big screen

 My little guy had an audition yesterday for an independent short film. He read for 2 different roles, when the director asked which role preferred he chose the role of A. 

May I ask why you chose the smaller role?
"Well, you know how the role of T has that panting stuff, I don't want to pant" 
reply's Karrick
"How about instead of panting could you just acted tired?" asks the director
"I really want you to play the role of T and it is a much bigger role"
Karrick's eyes light up and he says " Then I would love to play the role of T!!"
It's Karrick genuine honesty that endears him to everyone he meets.
Karrick found out that they will provide him with all his favorite foods and gameboys during the days of filming. He gets to attend the Premier...he's so excited! and I am too
Karrick told his teacher and she said when he gets his copy of the film she will play it for the class.
We have rehearsal next week, then will be filming all that next weekend
I will miss my cousins wedding and had to reschedule a shoot...but it is time to put on my stage mom
First we have 16 pages of dialog to memorize

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