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Oct 26, 2012

Monster Bash

 Karrick's old man costume...love that mask

After one of the busiest few weeks of my life all I wanted to do was sleep! I put on my big girl panties so Tim and I could take Karrick to the annual Monster Bash at Pleasant Lane. I had to get shots for the yearbook too. It's really a great party for the kids...in place of a classroom party. Food, raffle's, DJ, dancing, games and just a lot of fun. It's usually held on a Friday, but the kids were off today, so it was held last night.

This little boys costume was awesome...the eye lit up...clearly his dad has some skills

^Tim and I with the old man mask ^

 Karrick picked out my mask...after swimming class we ran to party city so he could get a cape. I picked out a bright red short Vixen wig, but Karrick didn't care for it.
I could barely socialize I was so tired...which is unheard of for me.
I look mad in the picture but I wasn't. As karrick says "I'm just not using any facial muscles"
I am super busy at work, didn't even get my day off this week and had something every single night this week. Not to mention I was busy on the movie set all day Sat and Sun....very low on sleep. I am super excited to sleep in tomorrow!!!!

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