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Oct 27, 2012

Creatures of the night

Tim and I rounded up all the teenagers + Karrick and headed to Brookfield Zoo's Creature's of the night. I just loved it!. The Zombie tram ride followed a dark path with unsuspecting creepy zombie's just suddenly creep up on you. What made it all the more fun was having teenage girls along....oh the screaming! They were all over Alexis and Katie. Thank God Callahan and TJ were there to save the damsels in distress
All the kids were off of school today. My poor TJ has some nasty flu like bug. He was in bed all day. He popped some Aleve, sucked it up and came along. By the end he he was 1/2 dead

 This guy was hilarious standing at a good 10ft tall. I was video taping him and he kept coming closer and closer...then proceeded to chase my as I ran away screaming. All of it is on video.

There was a really neat light show on the Swamp house where all kinds of Halloween images were displayed 

 Corn mazes....not a fan. I usually don't go in them as I don't like anything that entraps me. I feel like I'm starring in an episode of Criminal Minds. This one was kinda tough. Karrick kept running away from me, All I could think of was him getting lost for hours like we were in some 1000 acre remote farmland. Really!? we were at Brookfield Zoo smack dab in the Western suburbs! These damn things mess with with my mind and make my heart pound...again not a fan

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