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Nov 1, 2012

A fun Halloween in spite of Sandy

Another Halloween has come and gone. This year was a little different as Karrick didn't have his much anticipated annual Halloween party. With my photography business taking off and Karrick shooting a movie there just wasn't time.
Tim was stuck working all week due to hurricane Sandy taking out the East coast and shutting down the NYSE. Tim's favorite holiday is Halloween so he was pretty bummed.
All 3 boys went trick or treating. I love that Callahan and friends still dress up and hit the streets. They are a tight group...pals since 1st grade.
Karrick hit the streets with a few friends, then he and his bud Nick came back to our house to pass out candy and play tricks on the candy seekers

We have a hopping block when it comes to patrons...tons of kids. Above a large group of Karricks classmates showed up 

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