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Jul 1, 2010

The van saga continues

Anyone that has older kids in sports knows that any wrench in the spoke can disrupt the entire well oiled machine. It is travel baseball season in the McGinty house,  every minute of the day is accounted for. After work yesterday, I had time to deposite my paycheck and hit the jewel before dashing home to throw TJ's uniform in the dryer, feed kids and get to practice at 5:30. At  6:15 kids pile in cars to caravan to Joliet for a 8pm game.
I am turning out of Citibank parking lot (onto roosevelt rd at 4 pm) and I hear a loud cracking screaching sound. I swear I hit a car, but noone was around me. I get out to see my front passenger wheel kinda dangling. My tie rod had snapped causing the axel to snap. All bad! Thank God Tim worked from home due to an intestinal bug. While waiting for him to come to my rescue, cars are pulling up to my hazard light blinking, hood up, wheel hanging off van in the middle of the street and honking.. HONKING. I'm standing alone on the side of the road...not for the scenery. Are you fucking kidding me? The van is empty and broken dunbass! I did cause a big snarl in traffic....Yes, I was that person.
Tim shows up, nice man stops to help. "Did you know you can't push a vehicle with a broken axel?" Really, I didn't either. Tim called a tow truck  and wisked me home in the interim. I call non-emergency police, explain my situation and she says Yells "you left your vehicle in the middle of Roosevelt?!" ; "No, I folded it up and stuffed it into my backpack?"  Can't imagine why they have this genius working the non-emergency desk...what a waster of talent!

 " Yes, it doesn't move", I tell her
 "it's going to tie up traffic" she says
 "it already has" I reply...hence the call to you

Tow truck comes and tows it across the street for $85...hmmmm. Shop fixes it for $500 and I am going to ride my bike to the shop when TJ gets home from football practice. Yes, my TJ decided we weren't busy enough so he is going out for the high school football team...of course he is. It's June, isn't school like 2 months away? Whatever...

We made it to practice in Lombard and our game in joliet via the assisstant baseball coach.We won 11-3!!
WooHoo and we get to do it all over again tonight..and tomorrow and the next day and the next day

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