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Jul 7, 2010

Some family time

Monday was one of those rare days...you know those days where no one has to be anywhere...complete freedom. We pack up the van and the Miata, grabbed the kids (+1) and the dog, then headed to Long Grove. Tim cooked beef and chicken fajitas, dogs and brats. We had salads and snacks. I love just hanging out in the sun with everyone. I kicked TJ's butt in water volleyball (I'm writing the story, so I get to say whatever I want) Cal, TJ and Griffin had an air-soft gun war..they are illegal in Lombard...sorry grandma. The kids had fun riding "Rosie" (golf cart) and the dirt bike playing "Mad Max"

these guns wern't loaded during this shot and they always wear a face mask.

I cherish these days of freedom with my family
they are few and far between

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