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Jul 28, 2010

Time out from the toilet...to sweep a tournament!!!

The 13U Thunder hosted the Lombard Tournament this weekend.  Mother Nature called and cancelled Friday and Saturday. Saturday night our Thunder dads were out shop-vacing the fields at 3 locations. Sunday 6:45 am they were out grooming all the fields. We completed an entire tournament in one day utilizing 3 of Lombards Senior ballfield parks. The Thunder swept the tounanament. Our boys played a triple header; they practiced 1 hr prior to game 1, then 3 back to back 2 hr games with only a 10 min candy bar-drink break . The Championship game was 2 hrs later. We won all 4 games....3 by slaughter.

My house was still filled with sewage...I used a 12 ft piece of PVC pipe and fished out TJ's uniform from the sludge. My dear team-mate mom, Karen washed and dried it for me. The boys stepped up, as we were not the only one w/o water and power. Look at their faces in the team pictures...sweaty, dirty, hot and tired boys. Needless to say a good 11 hours of baseball in the 95 + heat index is taxing.

TJ and his special fan...

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