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Jul 9, 2010

Baseball pics...the better choice

My TJ at Short "doing what he does"
I'm going to post some pictures of my boy TJ from last night game in Oak Lawn. We won the game 11-4...not so exciting but a wins a win. Soon I will tell a story that people will swear I made up. The old me would have wasted no time in sharing this story of a complete delusional whack job and her dysfunctional off-spring
I will say that to every person "we" have shared this ditty with has a comparible story. I need to lose the anger and find the humor before I cleanse my body. I will say this "The Anti-Christ" lives here in Lombard
So how bout my pictures of TJ? A kind, honest and well respected teenager
Tim and I will take credit for that

Pretty darn cute and pretty darn athletic(can't take credit for those)

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