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Jul 4, 2010

We are the Champions

The Thunder boys played the home team in the championship game. It was close and at times a nail-biter. The umps were not on our side.
The game would not have gone into extra innings had a few calls been correct. We would have won after 7 innings (we were tied)  had our batter running to 1st been called "safe" (as he was) instead of "out" making the 3rd out...causing TJ's run home not to count.(TJ was on 3rd)

My husband Tim...that has pretty much sat quietly for 3 years went nuts! He stood up and bitch slapped the ump (verbally)...."you're outta here!" yells the crooked ump. My Tim then told the ump what he really thought. (this had been going on all weekend..biased umpiring)

Well, that was all our boys needed...to have someone say what everyone thought...to have someone stick up for our boys.  We now went into extra innings and our boys held their heads up and whomped on the ball.
The boys thought Tim was the greatest...he was the talk of the team
Thunder won by 2 runs.

The other team was good and they knew the ump made bad calls. I don't think they would want to win that way...who would?

All the boys went to coaches house to swim, while we hit the taste of Lombard
Karrick ran into an old pre-school buddy

just love this picture of Tim and Karrick on the swings
(click to get full view)

Karrick wanted to be a Lego Power Miner, but that wasn't one of the options. Karrick, being karrick~a child that knows what he wants, gave the lady step-by-step instructions. 
Must have a matching shirt

it all glowed

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