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Aug 2, 2010

Thunder 2010 Finale

The 2010 season has come to and end. The boys had a spectacular season playing in 6 tournaments, winning 4, 1st place trophies...three by sweeps! The Thunder family is really something special, from the coaches to the players to the families. There is a real sadness when it all comes to an end.

This week we were in North Aurora, it was hot and the days were long.  Our boys did a great job...we played 4 games and went 4-0

My other special boys

Now I need to address the fact that my home is a disaster area...we have not recovered from flood 2010. None of our appliances came on except the hot water heater. My brand new furnace, central air, washer and dryer are all fried...my lower level smells like a toilet...an unflushed toilet. Everything needs to be ripped out....AGAIN. My deck is litered with tons of clothes covered in black flies (I just chucked everything out the laundry room window)

This mess is much worse than 2 years ago, but we are insured this time. Oh well, life goes on. We have less than 1 month before the boys go back to school and we have a whole lot of summer to pack in
starting with a trip to Wisconsin on Thursday

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