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Aug 22, 2010

fun with water in the backyard

Today we reclaimed our outside. While Tim cut the 18 inch grass, sprayed weeds, trimmed overgrown bushes (I actually trimmed the backyard bushes) and cleaned up all the tossed flood crap in the driveway; I snapped some super cool shots of water. I used different lens with different settings. The end result was beauty after disaster

Enlarge pictures to see lovely water drops

I finally tackled Cal's long overdue room. I had to chisel melted candy off the floor along with some unidentifiable matter. The room is only half painted, hence the swatches of paint on the white walls. Nothing was hung on the walls before and I put his dresser in his closet for more space.
It is still a work in progress, but it's clean

The fathead on the wall is 2 years old and I just hung it today. It is removable  for when Tim finishes the paint.
(It's called a fat head...I'm not calling Callahan a fat head)

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