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Aug 27, 2010

School, football and "getting your bell rung"

Wednesday TJ had his 1st day of high school. Since he is playing football, he has been going to the school everyday for the last 6 weeks for practice. It was a great way for a new student to become familiar and learn his way around the school. Looks like TJ already needs new jeans..I just bought those at the end of last year. Looks like "legs" McGinty needs a 34 inseam. 
Needless to say, TJ is thrilled with high school

Tomorrow, TJ has his 1st game, so all the players need to wear their game jersey to class today. The varsity plays tonight and we are going to cheer them on

TJ took a hard hit on Wednesday...very scary. He jumped up in the air and intercepted the ball, while in the air a guy just took him out! TJ slammed to the ground and his head snapped back and hit the ground...HARD! He was stunned...the guy that hit him asked if he was alright. The coach came over and asked him how he was. TJ being TJ, said he was fine and finished practice. When I picked him up he had a wicked headache and was dizzy. This continued until he went to sleep. The next morning he said he was fine.When I picked him up that night from practice, he finally told me he had headaches on and off all day . His play/hit was the talk..great catch by TJ and a great hit by his teammate. TJ did manage to keep hold of the ball...at the expense of his brain (that's the mama in me)
This shit scares me big-time! He seems okay and the term for this is "he got his bell rung" as I later found out.
I have my eye on him, but the kid just loves it. Anyone that knows TJ, know he always give 110% and has to win and be one of the best. He will do whatever it takes to be the star...coaches adore him. He is extremely athletic, quick and smart

God help me!


please don't break my baby!

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