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Aug 10, 2010

couple pictures from Wisconsin

A darling picture of my 13 year old in his last week of his first teenage year.

I just got back from a much needed 5 day vacation up in whitewater WI with the family and some friends. We just left the mess in the basement, packed up and went. I couldn't take another hot, muggy, smelly day. We had an incredible time. Baseball ended, Callahan completed a week at IMSA and we had 1 week before high School football starts. I just got home from the parent meeting....INTENSE....TJ starts double work-outs tomorrow in the heat, for a good 5-6 hrs a day until school starts. Then it's practice after school everyday for 2 1/2 hrs~plus 1 game a week.
Callahan is studying for the SAT's.. Yes, my middle schooler needs good SAT scores to get into his high  school of choice, IMSA... not to mention straight A's.. Some budding IMSA hopefuls take the SAT 5 times...5 times. All this is way to much for me to handle. Both my boys will have a tough year and so will I.
Needless to say I'm about 2 weeks behind in updating my blog

Callahan enjoyed quiet mornings while the sun came up to read his book "The Red Pyramid"

Cal's favorite place is up at the lake

My sweet fun loving 1 st grader

I took an hour and went on a nature walk through Kettle Moraine State Park and snapped lots o bugs

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