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Aug 28, 2010

#42 TJ McGinty

42 TJ, catching his 1st pass
TJ played in his very 1st football game of his life. Lombard's Glenbard East High School vs Villa Park's Willowbrook. We have good friends from Willowbrook so it was fun-fun . We lost, but he had the time of his life and played almost the entire game offense and defense

Really?!... #82 Really? what are people feeding you? My TJ #42 is 5' 10" and he is dwarfed 

Oh gosh...the life of a football player
That is Alina, TJ's girlfriend touching his hair

If you enlarge picture and look closely, TJ is closing his eyes. One boy from Willowbrooks team was taken away in an ambulance within the 1st 10 min of the game with a broken wrist

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