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Aug 17, 2010

Family picnic and baseball party

Team Mcginty

Sunday was the annual Connell family picnic held in Long grove. Tim's mom is a Connell and one of 8 kids of Ed and Marge Connell. They all have multiple kids which make up about 40 first cousins for Tim. Well add another 40 or so great-grand kids for Grandma and Grandpa Connell and WOW...you have a giant family party

Stay in the circle and pop the balloon while protecting your own balloon

The final 4....The winner is...

holding his beach ball prize

there may have been whispers in the crowd that Karrick has pointy bones sticking out of his body
(is it wrong to withhold food for 2 weeks prior to the games?) I don't think so.
My motto "if you come to play...Play to Win or don't come at all"

A win's a win

lots-o-swimming and games
Callahan hitting orange with potato filled panty-hose around waist

Team Budnick came in matching orange t-shirts

fill cup with sponge water

balloon and egg toss....not accusing any foul play....but, someone's egg and tiny water balloon couldn't be broken...just sayin....
note to self "pack hard boiled egg for 2011"

Shoe toss...TJ won!!!
must be his new football skills

tug-o-war...Team McGinty...not so much
Team Budnick...game on next year

Karrick and Wes

Karrick sat in this raft singing   "I sit this waaaaaaaaay, cause thats how I roll, roooolllll...oh yeah, oh yeah"

I need to steal her...now!
It was a great picnic and wonderful to see all the kids playing together. Thank-You Mom McGinty for hosting this years event

TJ, Callahan and myself had to leave the picnic and attend his Thunder final party. Which included great people, food, swimming, football and the baseball pinata
Never too old for candy...holy smokes

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