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Aug 24, 2010

1st day for Cal and Karrick

Karrick's 1st day of 1st grade collage

Callahan had his 1st day of middle school today from 8-9am. He also took the bus for the 1st time. 5 kids from his elementary school are in his homeroom...including the triplets, minus the boy (Christopher). What are the odds of that? 6 schools feed into our 1 middle school....destiny 

Patrick stood guard and watched as Cal walked down the street to the bus stop

My baby that just had a big growth spurt...3 inches to 47 1/2 inches or "3 feet 11 1/2 inches" as Karrick says. This kid can multiply 12x4 and subtract a 1/2 inch is record time! Anyway, Karrick had his 1 st day of 1st grade. His hour was from 11-12 which is wonderful for working parents....NOT! Oh,well, I took the day off.

Parents stayed while the kids followed a list directions on what to do with all the school supplies. Karrick is a task master, once that was complete he opened a welcome bag of goodies from Mrs Heim.

He put the treats aside to jump right in on tackling the maze.
 OMG, Karrick is obsessed with mazes...loves 'em!

Karrick's 2 best buds are in his class! Nick and Nico

Below are just some cute shots of Karrick...nothing fancy, just my little boy

and my big boy

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Mel said...

Sometimes I still can't believe you have a third child, but the fact that your handsome baby is in grade school is just stunning to me!! Glad it all went well.