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Feb 25, 2010

On top of the world

Tj, Karrick and myself finally made it to Denver around midnight after a 2 hr delay. Tim drove down from Keystone to pick us up and we all headed up the mountain and finally arrived at the condo around 2:30 am.
Wednesday we all did our own thing and met up at 5 pm to go tubing
Tim and Cal skied all day, while me, TJ and karrick got used to the altitude at the outdoor mall. It was 35 degrees, but the sun was so hot it felt like spring. I found Karrick some boots finally. They are completely sold out in lombard and the surrounding suburbs
All malls should be this gorgeous

This is all of us taking the gondola all the way up the mountain to the tubing area. I am looking down in this picture
At the top
A totally cool snow fort up at the top
The ice princess sitting on her throne

Not at all what I had in mind...it was huge and you flew up and down hills. So fast and scary, but loads of fun. Note to self: Never trust a snowboarder working at the ski resort...the lane they directed me to was NOT the slowest lane and when they promise not to spin you...don't believe them. I spiraled down the shoot at 60 miles per hour and my screams were heard all the way to Vail

Check out the sky...just incredible
After tubing we went out for a nice dinner, then headed home to warm up in the hot tub

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Mel said...

This looks just perfect!! Enjoy every moment.