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Feb 20, 2010

I need some feedback

I had a totally free day today. Karrick had an 8:15am game...that's it
Tim and Callahan are in Keystone Colorado skiing and we will join them Tuesday. I played with Photoshop and to do anything requires a bazillion steps. In the photo above I enhanced Karrick's eyes. While they look cute, not a giant difference, but it took 35 steps...yes 35 steps...I have the Simplified tips and Tricks book. Simplified....really? Can someone tell me what program they use or am I just a wimp and all programs are this intense 

The flowers on my table

This picture: 23 steps to "Add A Catch Light" in the eye, then 17 steps to "Add Depth"
Please, I need some feedback


Mel said...

You kids don't need a single step to enhance them...they are perfection as is!!!

Mary said...

thanks. What program do you use? I am using the kids more as practice to figure out the program