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Feb 11, 2010

My little man

Today is TJ's first volleyball home game. The team members are required to dress up for school on home game days. Dress shoes, dress pants and a button down shirt. I saw pride in TJ's eyes this morning, he is representing the GWMS Wildcats! The days they have away games they are required to wear sweat pants and their jerseys.

See the hand? That hand is telling me "Really mom!? You're creepy." He was not about to give me a shot.

My soon to be 13 1/2 year old is now a whopping 5' 9" tall. In addition to the volleyball fee, I had to shell out an addition $150 because the kid won't stop growing. I did buy the shoes a 1/2 size bigger because they need to last 1 more month when he makes his Confirmation.TJ has really stepped up to the plate with early am practices (6:30 am -8am) and after school practices 3-6 pm.TJ has always been in his glory when part of a competitive team.

TJ is such a nice, good kid and damn he is  freakin cute. I know I'm his mother and he is my first born son, butI hear the majority of the female 8 th grade class is in agreement

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