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Mar 18, 2010

who's kid is that? oh, THAT"S MY BOY

TJ went from never picking up a volleyball to first string. He's very tall, a 5'9  13 year old and very athletic, but a lot of credit goes to his coach...a very competitive and tough coach. TJ has volleyball everyday some 6:30-8 am practices and some 3-6 pm practices
 after TJ makes a good play he still gets that shy smile and his cheeks turn red...so cute

After playing and winning 2 full games TJ still has perfect hair....oh the life of a teenager.
TJ has a decision to make for next year in high school as the volleyball and baseball season coincide. More scholarships for volleyball than baseball, but baseball is his passion and he has a mean fastball. It's not a decision I would like to make...thank god he has some time to think

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