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Sep 18, 2011

a sneak peak

Frank, the stylist for the shoot made TJ's hair debacle a success 

TJ had his photo shoot for new comp cards this past Wednesday. These are just 2 of the proofs we were sent. I think they are freakin incredible and somewhat hard to look at. My baby is no longer the cutesy kid model. Old rules are gone and a whole new set are in place
Socko was amazing!
While he was super harsh (in a polite honest way) about my wardrobe selection. I was suppose to email him my wardrobe selection (completely missed that). Had I done as I was suppose to, TJ would be looking much more like a Ralph Lauren model (clothes wise). I probably should have tried on this coat...way too big...ah a lesson learned. No matter how he is dressed one cannot deny that face and bone structure.
Socko gave TJ such an education in regards to the adult modeling world, which is priceless! 
I have a phone conference tomorrow with Socko's office to get our final product rolling.

As I was going through the film, all I could think of was the Brooke shields ad
 "Nothing comes between me and my Calvin's"  
ok, she was 14 and partially exposed, TJ is fully clothed and 1 month into age 15.
I guess what I'm trying to say is , my boy looks so grown up
I am super excited to see the final card.
 TJ is just thrilled and wants to pursue his modeling career full force
"Mom, i'm not going anywhere in football, but i think I can go far modeling"

Where there's a will, there's a way

We went on location on some random street downtown, TJ changed clothes right on the sidewalk without blinking, pants, shirt and all

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Mel said...

wow!! He looks fantastic!! So grown-up.