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Sep 30, 2011

Ace is the place...

Callahan thought it was a good idea to put a padlock on Buttercups neck....last week!
Had he thought it through, he may have asked himself

 "I wonder if anyone knows the combination to this random lock I found"

The answer of course would have been...NO!

To send it into the company would of taken 4-6 weeks. I know Buttercup is a stuffed animal, but every time I saw him my throat closed up just a little.
Tuesday was 'Roundheads" appreciation day. Where all football families were to go eat at Roundheads (the restaurant that donates pasta, salad and bread for all the Soph, junior and Senior football player home games). When we picked TJ up from pracitce I walked in...through the muddy smelly players and the lovely Coach E (freshman football/baseball coach) saw me with karrick and Buttercup and tried to help. He went looking for the maintenance worker with 'the lock cutter" 

No luck, so buttercup and his compromised neck joined us at Roundheads.

Yesterday I went to our neighborhood Ace hardware store  Schroeder's Ace
where they quickly put there best guy on it and Wahlah!


Older brothers...

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