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Oct 1, 2011

Poms security for homecoming

When TJ told me last week he wanted to do Poms Security, I assumed it meant he would escort the Varsity Pom squad on and off the field during half-time. Sounded great as Alexis is on Varsity pom. TJ got picked up every morning this week at 6:10 am to practice.
 I finally asked "why does security need to practice so much?" 
TJ "it's a joke mom, we are dancing during the pep rally with the poms"

OMG! after the poms performed the "security" came out and danced IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE SCHOOL, PARENTS AND ALUMNI

Not sure if I felt like I was sitting a a Chippendale show or a bachelorette party.
Whatever it was, it was freakin hysterical and the crowd went wild...no fear of any of these boys becoming dancers, but God bless them for trying
After their dance, the poms came out and did a dance to a nice "G" rated song from "Grease" with the security boys (I have it on video, no pics)
(TJ and Alexis were partners)

TJ looks very large to me (above)

 The worm move below was awesome, they were totally in sync 

I wonder if the reaction would have been the same, had the girls danced lake that?
 I don't think so

Before the pep rally us football booster moms decorated the Soph and Varsity lockers.
OMG!! the smell of a boys football locker room is not pleasant!
They each have a poster with picture, name and # on it and candy all over the locker

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