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Oct 10, 2011

football season cut short for TJ

TJ took 3 hard hits to the head at Wednesday's practice...yes, at practice!
The first hit was a helmet to helmet to the back of TJ's skull which stunned him. The second hit was helmet to helmet to the front of TJ's skull which in turn made him trip over a player and slam to the ground head first for a 3rd brutal blow to the skull

 Tim and I were at Callahan's school for a meeting with his Reading teacher who is taking 10   academically aggressive students to Italy for 10 days..Cal being one
That's another blog

TJ called me and he sounded stoned. Friday I took him in to the doc who sent us for a STAT CAT scan with STAT results. The CAT scan was negative (looking for brain bleeds etc) He does have a bad concussion

TJ is not able to go to school or do anything. 
Friday night's game was at West Chicago and was the Rams only chance left to put a 1 in the win column. TJ really wanted to be there, so I drove him and stayed. He hung out on the sidelines by the trainers. GE got their win WooHoo 

 *TJ has an excruciating  headache (no relief from meds)

                               * has short term memory loss (very scary when he asks a question that was thoroughly  discussed an hour earlier) 

*his peripheral vision is all blurry

* can't tolerate loud noise or light

He is most likely done for the season, but still is required to go to all practices and games to see trainers and watch practice. Football is a very fickle sport and all about being tough. No wonder the world is full of brain damaged ex-players

We go back to doc on Thursday morning for a follow up...may end up at the Neurologist before this is over. Lombard schools were closed today and tomorrow (tue) Wed is PSAT for Sophomores and a 1/2 day. Needless to say TJ is not going on Wed.

All concussions are different, but the main things is to let the brain rest to heal 100%
Callahan had light and noise sensitivity for 6 months after his concussion. Another friends daughter had headaches for a year after

To think players used to go right back onto the field is horrifying. TJ thumped down a flight of stairs today to quickly and started to fall and pass out.
Thank God there is a new awareness of  the danger of concussions. 

Mama McGinty has her eye on everyone involved just incase

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Mel said...

Very Very Scary. I hope he is on the mend soon and the path to a full recovery is swift.