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Sep 16, 2012

A happy little boy

Karrick came running out of school Friday yelling "TJ, TJ I had the greatest day ever!" (TJ picked him up from school as I was running late)
Every Friday is a dance party in his class and the teacher pulls 4 Gotcha's out of the bowl ( good behavior slips). Karrick's name was pulled so he got to pick a prize from the treasure chest.
I received the above letter almost a month ago saying Karrick would be pulled out for math with the gifted teacher. He was last year too, so no surprise there. Well turns out Karrick found out he would be joining 4th grade math on Fridays...he is a 3rd grader. That about put him on the moon!
3rd grade math everyday, Gifted math on Monday's and 4 th grade math on Friday's is like winning the freakin lottery for that kid. The little boy that struggled in Kindergarten/ 1st grade is a mathematical and Physics genius . He plays Physics games on Tim's phone and can kick any adults ass 
Funny how his brain works...he is very literal, his world is black and white. He doesn't really get sarcasm.  A complete rule Nazi. He will only do homework at 7pm....not 6:57 but 7pm. Don't tell him to get ready for bed at 8:27 because bedtime is 8:30...those 3 min matter and isn't a joke

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