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Sep 4, 2012

Labor Day

Tim took all the kids to Gilligan's Island- a little island about 300 yards from out dock...they swam there. I used my telephoto lens to capture their arrival

Way to quickly for my taste, Labor Day was upon us. This has to be one of my favorite summers in a long time. As much as I loved travel and high school sports at the time, I didn't miss them at all. We as a family did what we wanted when we wanted....pure bliss.
We went to whitewater on Friday...again w/o TJ as he went camping with Alexis' family. I really missed him!
Labor Day is when everyone comes at at the same time for the annual end of the year bbq. Fun fun fun!!

Old time fun, just hanging out up at the lake....ghost in the grave yard, football, swimming, fishing, getting snacks at the marina and boating

  our new tube...
our lake house and my "end of summer" fat for me picture...low carb started today

early morning sun just rising fog still on lake coffee on the deck...best time of day

 Tim and I went house hunting around the lake....

                                                                                            Tim getting his supermodel on

2 separate neighbors are firefighters and they made a roaring bonfire...I mean ROARING! We were all sitting around the blaze (20 + adults) and Karrick walks up arms in the air and in the nastiest voice yells

"HOLY CRAP, are you kidding me do you see that fire?

"It's fine Karrick the firemen made it...don't worry" I say

before anyone could blink, Karrick belts out a


he yells in his most "you're a bunch of assholes" voice 
and runs onto a brick patio. 
The kid is bright and thinks on his feet. The fireman put it right out, but that was enough for the rule nazi to go back in our camper.
No one intimidates that 50lb 52 inch 8 year old peanut

It was freakin hilarious

sun setting above

gorgeous moon below all shot by me with telephoto
 stunning reflection on the lake

 we weren't suppose to leave until Monday night, but packed it in around 3. It was HOT, I mean HOT...no breeze at all. Lake was super buzy and choppy.

An unhappy hot Karrick bringing up the inflatables... cutest and funniest kid on earth!

karrick was happy and having fun 99.9% of the weekend

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