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Sep 15, 2012

big league

My child never looked so young and short to me as he did last night. He was at a casting with the big dogs. The adult models! I was in a room full of freakin hotties straight out of GQ. I only spoke to 3 of them and they were all 22-24 yo and  6'1- 6'2. Then the room filled up with guys and way too skinny girls. TJ was the only teen and 16 at that. Some were mentioning to TJ how lucky he is to be there at that age, as a couple 20 somethings have only been represented less than a year. My heart was pounding I was so nervous for him. He strutted the catwalk and nailed his pivot.
The kid has been on fire the last 2 weeks

but as they say

 "This too shall pass, so enjoy it "

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