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Sep 26, 2012

48 years old....Holy Cow!

I was up early Sunday morning and took a walk to the lake...the stream was breathtaking 

This weekend I turned 48....still can't wrap my arms around that. Besides the nagging arthritis (yep, 48 talks about arthritis) I have in my neck, lumbar spine, hips, right elbow and left shoulder I feel great!! 
Tim surprised me with a weekend in Lake Geneva for the 2 of us. The weather was incredible. Friday night we stayed at The Lazy cloud B n B and Saturday night we stayed at the Abbey.. Lots of shopping, eating and walking around...Gay men have nothing on my Tim in the shopping dept.
I love that we can leave the 3 boys and just go

You really need to be there to appreciate the quaintness of it all; right down to the caramel apple pie baked in a bag waiting for you on the table. We stayed here a couple years ago for our anniversary. Each suite is different. 
There is an entire history to this place JD Salinger wrote The Catcher in the Rye here, it was a polo club with "rooms" and one of the Schiltz brothers lived there.

I love my new color changing barrettes , my new fall color is plum.

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