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Feb 4, 2014

Two 9 Productions launch party

Saturday night the cast of Family Values was invited to the Two 9 Production  launch party. As fate would have it the party was held in Bloomingdale a mere 15 min away.
Everyone walked the red carpet and there was a photographer to take photos of everyone.
There was live music, food and a raffle which I donated a portrait package.
It was really a good time as
our cast is absolutely hilarious to hang with
 Above TJ is standing with Shannon Brown a Chicago actor who also has a reoccurring role on FV. He and his wife Suzette own the two 9 production company.


 Tj ran into a girl he knows, so that was fun for him. Girl in red

 I printed out a bunch of 3 x 5 and wallet  size head shots of TJ to pass out...network network network! Chicago is so hot right now with all the TV shows and movies being filmed here

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