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Feb 9, 2011

It's A Boy!

It is that time again in the McGinty house.... Baby Egg time.
In 6th  Family Science all students must take care of their own baby egg. Callahan must take care of "Chester" 24/7 for 3 days. In the event he can't,  he must get a baby sitter.
In order to receive their eggs yesterday, they had to bring a crib and all the necessities to school. Monday night Callahan ran around and found everything he believed little Chester would need. Tuesday morning he ran out the door to catch the bus and left all his stuff on the table....Aarrgh!

After I dropped Karrick at school I schlep all my grand-egg's stuff to the middle school office. Clearly it shows that GOD FORBID, 6TH GRADERS JUST AREN'T READY FOR PARENTHOOD. As I was walking out, another proud grandfather was walking in with a little basket.

I thought Callahan did well with gathering supplies, I love the roll of "baby wipes". Next to it is the baby bottle and below is Chester's doll

I wasn't really sure what the band-aid was for...

Then Chester came home on his first day wearing a band aid. Turns out Callahan stuck a pencil in the lid of his Tupper-wear crib to ventilate and 

We had to put out an Amber Alert for Chester, he didn't come home with Callahan today.
This is Cal's story "I didn't want to put Chester on the floor after school at my locker for fear he might get kicked, so I put him in my locker while I filled my back pack. I was running late for the bus so I slammed my locker and ran. Once I got outside and saw all my friends with their eggs getting on the bus....CHESTERRRRRRRR!"
"By then it was too late, I would have missed the bus...."

The rule in the McGinty house is
"you miss the bus...you walk"

We'll see how poor Chester weathers the night in the locker. Cal says on average 3 eggs come back to the teacher unscathed at the end of the project. One poor egg was eaten by the house hold dog and just pieces were turned in.

On a positive note my TJ was one of 2 kids in his class to return a perfect egg and receive a 100%. TJ has and always has had a knack for taking care of babies. He has taken care of Karrick since birth. At age 5 we left Karrick, in TJ's ( age 13) care overnight while Tim and I went to a hotel. Yes, we sent Callahan over to a buddies.

Tj's friend Doug, while waiting for the bus in 6th grade let a classmate hold his egg. That classmate dropped the egg. If someone else breaks your egg, you get an automatic A and the murderer gets a detention. Stories of broken eggs are a dime a dozen

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Mel said...

Welcome Chester!! What a fun project!