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Mar 31, 2011

my little pitcher

Today TJ had his 2nd high school baseball game GO RAMS, anyway TJ was starting pitcher today. He pitched 5 innings out of 7...91 pitches!. First of all TJ has never pitched more than 2 or 3 innings in his life. This is also the first time he pitched 60.6 feet, mound to plate. TJ has only pitched 54 feet because he is almost a year younger than his classmates therefore has to play with his age in travel (8th graders) TJ won't be 15 until sophomore year.
I mention this because it is a big deal to pitch that much and that far for him. He had one rough inning, but never let it bother him and he totally recovered to continue pitching 3 more innings...which is HUGE!

Sadly we lost by 3 runs, but played a pretty good game. I think that some are suffering from high school baseball nerves.

How cute is my little boy who is almost a man

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