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Mar 24, 2011

Another great party for Karrick

We celebrated Karrick's 7th birthday last night at  Xtreme Trampolines next door in Carol Stream. It is the only one in the state of IL as of now. 15 of Karrick's closest buds, plus TJ , Cal and their 2 pals ran jump and flipped the night away. TJ's first baseball game was cancelled due to bad weather and he rocked his audition during the day

Karrick's actual birthday is next week during Spring break, but the center expects giant crowds based on Christmas break. XT has been open for only 4 months and it is a gold mine.
Mon-Wed are the least crowded night...I had concerns about a school night party, but every kid replied yes. These kids had so much fun that it was impossible to get them to come eat pizza and we had to do cake when the party ended at 7:30 while the parents were there. They wanted to keep playing after 2 hrs of jumping

This morning one of the teachers came out to say "I hear Karrick's party was a huge success, it was the talk in the classroom all morning"   Whoops....
She had a little smile on her face.

The foam pit was the little kids favorite...it was a little challenge for the kids to climb out, but they succeeded . Chase, below stopped my heart for a minute...

6 of the party guests in at the same time

 Dodge ball was also a big hit...did you know that every little boy ran up to me with giant eyes saying "I was the last one in, in dodge ball" followed by their own play by play narrative. 

Here is my little Karrick with 2 girls on each side. He can't decide with twin he should marry

They had 3 open tramp floors...ages 3-7, 8-13 and 14 and up. 1 foam pit and one large dodge ball tramp area

As always Karrick had very concrete ideas of what his cake should look like...we finally found and printed out a picture and brought it to the bakery to duplicate. We than bought 4 Lego racers to put on the track...I think Karrick duped me into buying the Lego cars

Karrick and pals in line for the foam pit

Dodge ball was multi-age and we didn't break anyone :)

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